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    The Wounded Heart - By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Gail Kenny We all seem to harbor some form of emotional wounding around love and connection. This emotional wounding can greatly affect how....

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    “THANK YOU. My body thanks you, my spirit thanks you, my psyche thanks you. Your gifts keep on giving. Your teachings have helped me SIGNIFICANTLY in my
    transformation. :)” – KRIS MCGUFFIE
    “I think one of my favorite things about Abigail is her healing energy. I felt so safe to be myself with her and to allow the emotions I was so afraid of to come up, and boy, once I did allow myself to feel them, it was amazing how good it felt…She’s just brilliant!” – LINDA

    I’ve spent much of my life being very hard on myself, and where did that get me? It pulled me off my path. It took me away from myself. It caused stress. It caused fear and lack of confidence. It caused illness, tension and pain in my body. This pain, which I discovered was Tension Myositis Syndrome, (also called Mind-Body Syndrome*), was my body’s way of sharing its wisdom with me. It was time to learn true kindness toward myself. I thought beating myself up was a great way to motivate myself, get things done, and even be safe in the world, somehow. Instead, it created the exact opposite – depression, exhaustion, sadness, illness, not taking care of myself, and lack of connection with others.

    abigailMotivated by severe physical pain, I started learning how to be kind to myself. It became my life’s work. I realized kindness is the core of who I am. Kindness is a state of being. Awakening to kindness to myself allowed me to heal and truly relax into all the different elements of myself, even those things I perceived as flaws. I’m still doing this, every day. Healing isn’t just about physical wellness. Healing is a mental, emotional, and spiritual process that allows the body to experience well-being.Ready to get back on your path to well-being, joy, and purpose? Kindness is the path we will walk together, and I’ll show you how to truly embody kindness toward yourself. I’ll give you practical tools. (I’m all about the practical how-to!) I’ll show you that the source of kindness within you is waiting to heal you, and then, by extension, others. If you’re here, you’re probably a coach, healer, or deeply compassionate, loving person who wants to spread kindness, love, compassion, and goodness in the world. Let’s start with you.
    *Learn more about those syndromes in the free resources area here.